Quote1 I think you exist solely to drive me crazy. Either that or I died a long time ago, and you're my eternal torment. Quote2

Real name Zeta
Aliases Zimmy
Big Brother
Place of Origin Fulmina
Residence Bright City
Species Alien
Age 14(maturity-wise)
113 Earth years
Affiliations None
Friends None
Family Zap
Powers & Abilities Limited electrical creation and control
Increased physical ability
Weapon None
Likes Nature, colors, water.
Dislikes Wrong decisions, doubts, lack of clarity.

Bolt is an teenage alien resident of Bright City, brother of pre-teen super villain Zap. While he clearly disapproves of the villains of the city, he does not act against them.

Character history Edit

Bolt lived on Fulmina for many years, but eventually his closest sister grew disgusted with the uptight society and left, coming to Earth. Bolt followed her to keep an eye on her and has confronted her multiple times about her inability to do the right thing.

He became aware of Zap's disappearance barely minutes after it occurred, but he has done nothing to try to find her yet.

Personality Edit

Quote1 That's my big brother. Queen of the uptight freakazoids. Quote2

Bolt makes a point of hiding most of his emotions. He wants more than anything for the world to be black and yellow, like it was on Fulmina: divided clearly into right and wrong. He is almost constantly uncertain and worries all the time, but he's learned to cover it up. He uses this to his advantage, hiding everything from anger to devastation.

Because of this, Bolt comes off as cold and unfriendly. He cares more about Zap than anyone else in the universe. They had been surprisingly close for siblings on their home planet, and while Zap mostly forgot about that, Bolt remembers it clear as day.

Powers and abilities Edit

Bolt has limited power over most things electric. He can do anything from shoot bolts of lightning to animate electrical appliances like toasters or computers. He is incredibly swift and nimble. Unlike Zap, he cannot fly. Instead, he seems to be able to leap long distances and great heights without harming himself.

Bolt doesn't really need to sleep and can go without water for weeks. He has to charge her power every so often by eating batteries, getting struck by lightning, or sticking a fork in a light socket. None of these seem to cause any physical harm to a certain extent, although they will hurt him if they're too strong.

Relationships Edit

Bolt and Zap Edit

Bolt and his sister have a complicated relationship. Bolt seems to believe that Zap is being childish and was wrong in running away, while Zap is convinced that Bolt is a total idiot for staying. They are always at odds with each other, even though Bolt has what he thinks are Zap's best interests at heart. After a while, he takes to watching over her from a distance, unbeknownst to her, to make sure she's all right. In reality, he cares for her more than anything.

Appearance Edit

Bolt has strawberry blond hair, dark brown eyes, and light skin. He tends to dress in an enormous gray hoody, darker pants, and black sneakers, usually hiding his face and identity.