The Fallacious Five is a team of six young super villains who effectively take Terrorclan's place when they disappear.

Members Edit

The Fallacious Five is made up of five pre-teen and teenage super villains. It is led by Sagacity, a twelve-year-old supergenius. It was founded by three out of the five members, Sagacity, I.n.f.e.r.n.a., and Syko, but the other two, Shimmers and Instance joined almost immediately- before they came up with the team name.

When they invaded Terrorclan HQ to make it their own, the team found six-year-old Little Chaos. She effectively joined them, although not officially, and the team name did not change to recognize its sixth member.

History Edit

Each member has their own complicated past which led up to the point of joining the team. each has their own reasons for being there, and only Sagacity, Regan, Anji, and Nyla know the true intent of the team. They are tied much more tightly to Terrorclan than Little Chaos realizes.