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Real name Unknown
Aliases Nem
Place of Origin Bright City
Residence Bright City
Species Half human
Age 15
Affiliations Terrorclan
Friends Zap, Lucky, Little Chaos, Time Bomb, Superscope, Nyx
Family Superscope
Powers & Abilities Shapeshifting
Weapon None
Likes Standing out, rebelling, irritating others
Dislikes Being outsmarted

Nemesis is a teenage shapeshifter who is one of the founders of Terrorclan.

Character history Edit

Nem never really had any family. He got by by pretending to be people he wasn't. One day, he caught Lucky cheating at a gamble and tried to get a chance to talk to her. He ran into Zap completely by accident and they got along pretty well. After finding Lucky, the three got to know each other and created Terrorclan. Originally, it was just them, then first Time Bomb and later Nyx and Superscope joined.

Shortly after the five had become a full team, Little Chaos was found at the entrance to their hideaway. About three years later, the team started disappearing one by one. After Zap disappeared, Nem wanted to go out and look for her but Lucky stopped him. Then Nyx was gone too, leaving only Nem, Lucky, and Cay. Nem went out to look for them without telling anyone and didn't come back.

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