Terrorclan is a team of seven young super villains who don't seem to have any higher goals or aspirations than petty crimes. They are rather pathetic villains, but seem to get away with everything they do.

Members Edit

Terrorclan is made up of seven pre-teen and teenage super villains. It is led in practice by Lucky, a fourteen-year-old witch. It was founded by Lucky along with fifteen-year-old shapeshifter Nemesis and electrical alien Zap. Three new members joined after the founding; first teenage mutant Time Bomb, then meta-human Nyx and Nemesis's cousin, Superscope.

A few years later, the team found a baby demon-creature, Little Chaos at the entrance to their home. The team took her in and adopted her as the seventh member of Terrorclan.

Disappearances Edit

A few years after the team was fully formed, its members began mysteriously disappearing. Over the course of a week or two, Time Bomb, Superscope, Zap, Nyx, Nemesis, and Lucky disappeared, in that order. Little Chaos was the only member remaining. She later joined another team, which ended up helping her find out the truth of her friends' disappearance.