The Terrorclan HQ is an enormous cave in a mountainside. The entrance is considerably smaller than the actual cave and hidden by hanging vines, scattered boulders, and several shrubberies. Each member is shown to have their own room, and their is a central area that acts as a living room, kitchen, and main operations room. There seem to be training areas both withing the cave and around the mountain. The cave is located just outside Bright City.

Shortly after the members of Terrorclan disappeared, the Fallacious Five took over.

Rooms Edit

  • The Central Area that contains the television and other comforts, the kitchen, the main power supply for the tower, and all the communication and control equipment.
  • Lucky's Room which is dark, surprisingly girly, and forbidden to everyone but Lucky.
  • Nemesis's Room which is messy, colorful, and impossible to navigate through. Somehow it has a window outside despite being in the middle of a mountain.
  • Zap's Room which is ridiculously bright at all hours, filled with electrical equipment, and has very little actual furniture.
  • Nyx's Room which is pitch-black and impossible to see anything in. It is a complete mystery as to what it looks like.
  • Time Bomb's Room which is full of heavy objects, old food, and dirty clothes. It smells. REALLY bad.
  • Superscope's Room which is littered with candy wrappers and comic books galore.
  • Little Chaos's Room which is completely black and red, but childish and goofy at the same time. It has about fifty stuffed animals all over the place.
  • One known Bathroom.
  • Basement complete with unused jail cells left over from the previous inhabitants.
  • Garage which is mostly used for storing random junk that Zap threw together which often comes in handy.